Momentus | Defy the Norm

Inspired by the East Asian Culture

Dragon – The symbol of power, strength, and good luck in the East Asian Culture. The dragon is used on our clothing to represent how one attains power, strength, and wisdom to learn more about themselves and their personal growth when defying the norm.

About Us

ZG Clothing was founded by a group of fashion enthusiasts with the goal to make ZG Clothing the next worthwhile streetwear brand. ZG Clothing is the official streetwear online store which prides itself on targeting the young adults with streetwear clothes for everyone from different fits to different styles, with a great focus on quality and comfort.


First time in the 1980s, a streetwear brand appeared in Southern California when surfers sold their screen printed T-shirts to market their surfboards hand-shaped. They were inspired by the Los Angeles surfers and skateboarders along with hip-hop fashion as well. Boutique skateboarding began their own designing shop in New York City in the 1990s.

After the rise of sneaker culture in the 2000s which was the hub of expensive sneakers, it overlapped with the persuasive streetwear fashion. Then 2010 came, and a wave of luxury streetwear for men’s was born because social influencers and young people made streetwear a significant part of pop culture.


Whether it’s mens streetwear or womens streetwear, ZG Clothing focuses highly on the quality, comfort, and the print of the clothing.

Hoodies are made from 80% cotton and 20% polyester to achieve a soft yet sturdy feel to allow the hoodie's longevity. We fleece brush every interior of our hoodies in order to achieve a soft feeling.

T-shirts go for a somewhat oversized fit to attain a relaxed fit within oneself. When looking deeper into the meaning of an oversized fit, to defy the norm, we want consumers to feel comfortable yet confident in themselves before making the next big right choice in their life, especially when it comes to mens streetwear clothing or streetwear for girls.


Momentus Defy the Norm is the official streetwear brand which represents positivity, optimism, and a true reflection of defying the norm. We want everyone to feel confident about themselves and the best way to do this was to offer a premium line of streetwear clothing at affordable prices.


Our ultimate goal to our consumers is with our definition of Defy the Norm in mind, it will help motivate them to grow confidence amongst themselves to step out of their box and do whatever and whenever they want while setting their own limits. Momentus Defy the Norm is more than just a clothing brand name. It is about the meaning behind our name and what our designs represent. Whether it’s streetwear for men or streetwear for women, the main purpose of our brand is to spread positivity and look dope at the same time!.


Streetwear can incorporate a wide range of fashion styles, but ZG clothing focuses on three basic components.

Comfort: Our clothing line comprises conventional wear and athleisure affixes. Comfort is a key factor when it comes to streetwear, which is why we fleece brush all our hoodies to achieve a soft feeling.

Scarcity: Hypebeast culture is included in limited-edition articles. All our seasonal drops are limited quantities and usually sell out fast. This allows us to focus on quality and better designs.

Contemporary Design: All our collections feature a unique theme and design. For example our debut collection features a dragon – The symbol of power, strength, and good luck in East Asian Culture. It is also the symbol of wisdom and strength in the Orient. The dragon is used in some of our clothing to represent how one attains power, strength, and wisdom to learn more about themselves and their personal growth when defying the norm.