About Us


Norm (n). an accepted standard or a way of behaving or doing things that most people agree with.

                          ex. societal norms

To defy, is to openly refuse to do something.


Ever had moments where you had to follow certain societal norms that you did not agree with? Or maybe had moments where you wanted to be different or just be yourself? Zero Gravity, and its slogan, Defy the Norm, encourages people from all ages, race, and genders to not be afraid and instead to be unique and to be yourself to stand out from the crowd and defy the norm.

Hello, Zero Gravity was founded by a group of fashion enthusiasts with the goal to make Zero Gravity to be the next worthwhile streetwear brand. Zero Gravity prides in targeting the youth audience with something for everyone from different fits to different styles with a touch of quality and comfort.

The name “Zero Gravity” comes from the definition of how normal force is the upward force perpendicular to the surface that an object contacts, which means it is opposing gravity. In other words, it could be explained as one going against societal expectations. 

Our ultimate goal to our consumers is with our definition of Zero Gravity and Defy the Norm in mind, it’ll help motivate them to grow confidence amongst themselves to do whatever and whenever they want while setting their own limits. This does NOT account for any wrongdoings. Zero Gravity is more than just a clothing brand name. It’s about the meaning behind our name and what our designs represent. The main purpose of our brand is to spread positivity and look dope at the same time!!!